We sometimes get the question of where Hyra is hosted. So, here's the answer.

We host the majority of Hyra on Google Cloud Platform.


We use a Cloud Firestore database, that's bundled part of the Firebase platform. Our Firestore database is hosted in Iowa.


Our APIs are hosted on Firebase Cloud Functions and Cloudflare. The majority of our Cloud Functions are also hosted in Iowa. Although, we've made the decision to host our Roblox Module APIs in Northern Virginia (GCP Region us-east4). Our Cloudflare APIs are globally deployed, and are served on the server closest to you.


We have a multi-level stack on Hyra Ranking, to allow for scalability. All requests are globally optimised by Cloudflare, with a cache less CDN. After they've gone through the CDN, we use Heroku as a reserve proxy to distribute requests to the correct server. These requests are then handed off to our thousands of proxy servers, which are managed by Cloudflare.

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