First and foremost, Hyra is a free staffing tool for Roblox groups. It will consist of 3 components at launch, however is likely to expand in the future.

Application Centres

Millions of people interact with Application Centres, so we wanted to make ones that are customizable, open and beautiful. Hyra Centres are the most advanced on Roblox, with 15 question types including typing speed tests, image questions and more.

Hyra is built for developers, by developers. This means you can use custom UI for your centre. We have open and easy-to-read documentation to assist you with this.

If you don't know how to develop, don't worry - we've got you covered! Our default centres are simply stunning.

Example of default application centre on Hyra.

Candidate Viewer

Once potential staff members have applied at an Application Centre, you can instantly view the candidates answers on our online website. Hyra uses intelligent AI to automatically detect grammar mistakes, as well as potentially sensitive content which is censored. We also provide you with a HireRight score for each candidate, this score is calculated using a complex algorithm - it gives you an indication of how experienced a user is. A low HireRight score suggests the user may be new to Roblox or an alternate account.

Candidate Viewer example Candidate

Example grammar mistake
Example sensitive response

Activity Tracking

Keeping track of your staff can be difficult, so we've build Activity Tracking. This feature keeps tabs on your staffs activity, with helpful summaries of every minute they spend in game. This can be super useful for highlighting staff who go above-and-beyond by dedicating their time towards your group!

That's all for now folks.

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