We have a strong focus on privacy at Hyra, which is why we don't take emails at sign-up. We believe that having a divide between your personal information and your Roblox information is a vital pillar to your privacy.

That's why we created Inbox by Hyra. A read-only email client for all of our users.

Each user is given an email on the Hyra platform, which is [email protected]

This keeps your personal email address private. You can use this email for anything you want, and only you can read the emails you receive.

All users will automatically assigned their email, and users are free to opt out of this service at any point.

Emails will be received within Hyra, in the "📧 Inbox" tab. Users can read and review their emails in the Hyra interface. If you'd like to receive these emails in your email as well, we also provide a forwarding service.

We'd love to know what you think about this, so please let our Community Team know in our Community Discord, or reach out to us by clicking the 💬 Messenger Icon.

If you'd like to opt out of this service talk to us in the 💬 Messenger.

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