Hyra takes user safety very seriously. When using Hyra, we want you to feel safe and secure, and we want you to be able to use the platform with confidence.

Every moderation case we receive is reviewed and monitored to ensure that users are receiving the best experience they can.

There are several things Hyra does not allow on its platform, and if these types of content are created or uploaded on/to Hyra, they will be removed and action will be taken to circumvent it again. You can report abuse at any time here.

1. Nudity

We don’t allow nudity anywhere on the Hyra platform. This isn’t just limited to nudity, it includes graphic sex acts, or other sexually explicit content. We also have a zero tolerance policy on any form of child exploitation and nudity, and will suspend and permanently remove any offenders and the offending content, as well as reporting the content owner to necessary law enforcement. We also don’t allow any content that promotes graphic sex acts or nudity amongst children.

2. Spam, malware and phishing

We don’t allow content on Hyra that has pop-ups, viruses or misleading content. Content that attempts to damage users devices or install software without the knowledge or consent of the user also isn’t allowed on Hyra.

3. Copyrighted materials

Hyra complies with DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) and therefore does not allow infringing assets to be uploaded or used on the platform. Hyra will remove any offending content. If you own the rights to a copyrighted material that you’re using on Hyra, just let give us a heads up.

4. Mass adding

We do not allow workspaces to add users that are not affiliated with the workspace itself. Workspaces which add users which do not consent to being added will be warned or removed from the platform.

5. Promoting hatred, offensive content or illegal activities.

Users may not share or publish content that promotes hatred or violence towards other groups based on race, ethnicity, religion, disability, gender, age, sexual orientation or gender identity. Please note that individuals are not considered a protected group. Users may not share or publish crude content or violent content that is shockingly graphic. We will also remove content that threatens, harasses or bullies other people or promotes dangerous and illegal activities.

6. Private or confidential information

We do not allow users to create questions that ask for a respondent’s confidential information. Examples include: passwords, credit card details, bank account numbers or similar types of private information. Please note that we may remove typeforms, delete data, and/or block accounts that do not comply.

You can report abuse by clicking the button below to be redirected to our form.

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