Distributions are a great way of making sure every member of staff is up to standards and fit for work in your group.

This article will explain how you can easily go through each staff member and take action on them if needed.

When you're scrolling down on the staff page for a specific rank, on the right hand side of each user there will be six options.

Once you've clicked on an option for a user they will be highlighted in purple to show they've been checked and this can be removed by clicking the red back arrow on the far right of the options.


When a user passes, no action will be taken but they'll still be highlighted to show they've been checked. You should use this when they've been up to all standards but are still unworthy of a promotion.


If your member of staff has gone that extra mile and deserves a promotion you can click this button to open a popup giving you the choice of all the ranks above them and you can choose which one they shall be promoted to. This however will not work if the rank you choose is above or equal to the rank the bot being used for Hyra Ranking is. You also can provide a message that'll be messaged to them along with a note saying they've been promoted.


When you click warn, a little popup should open with a message box. Once you've put the reason and clicked submit, they'll get a message along with it being visible on their logbook.


You may want to use ignore if they're on inactivity or you aren't too decided so you want someone else to check on them.


The fifth option is a bit different, when you click more you'll be greeted with a dropdown with three similar options.

The first is demote, if you choose to demote then you'll be given the choice of all the ranks below them to demote them to.

The second is suspend, this'll demote them but will schedule a repromotion to their current rank at a time of your choice, again this is in a popup.

The final option is terminate, this'll remove them forever.

View Profile

Now the fifth and final option is view profile, this just takes you to the users Hyra profile.

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