On Hyra, we seperate jobs, centres and workspaces. This allows you to have different applications in different games should you wish.

You could use this for different departments or different progressions!

Once you've created a job in a workspace, you'll need to assign it to a centre. If you head to the workspace admin page, there should be a row of centers near the top.

If you haven't already got a center, you'll see a button to make a new one.

If you need to create one, click "Create a Centre" and set a centre name & description, you can change this later on if you need to.

If you now move over to the customization tab, you can set a colour theme for your center. If you move to music, you can add up to ten music IDs that it'll cycle through when they're doing their application.

If you move over to jobs, you can check which applications should be active on this centre. Applications can only be on one centre so some might be missing if they're already assigned.

Finally, go back to the admin page and hover over the center. Then click the download button at the bottom of it, open it in studio and publish it!

You'll need to make sure HTTP requests are enabled so that it can talk to Hyra.

Then you're all set, anyone who has access to the game and fits the applying requirements can apply!

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