Our staff profiles are a great way of having all the information you need for your team, allowing you to have more personal relationship with your employees and making sure you have all the information you need whilst taking to them.

All of this saves for the whole workspace and anyone with permission can see it, including the notes.


Pretty self explanatory, you can stop calling everyone by their Roblox usernames with about 10 Xs and a few numbers in there, now you can quickly grab their username from their profile and copy it.


Talk to people more personally and use pronouns without risking offending them.

Local Time

Local times don't require input and are automatically taken when the user signs into Hyra.


Another self explanatory one, simply enter the users email if you wish and it'll save there forever!


We use Discord ID for this one so username change issues become a thing of the past. We automatically check for username changes and also give you a button allowing you to open your DMs with them in another tab.


Add your staff members birthdays so you can remember to give them a happy birthday on their special day! We don't allow years on this to prevent privacy violation.


Enter custom notes for the user

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