Distributing your weekly actions is an important part of running a successful staff team on Hyra.

The actions available are:

  • Pass - This marks the user as passed for this week. You may impose a requirement of 100 minutes in game, if they meet this threshold you should click 'Pass'.

  • Promote - This is for promoting a user. You might promote a user if they are doing exceptionally well.

  • Warn - Warning a user will give them a warning. You could do this if a user does not meet the requirements.

  • Ignore - Will disregard the user for this week, while still resetting their minutes. This is the only action where the user will not receive a Hyra Message. This is good for people on inactive notices.

  • Demote - This will demote a user from your group. Typically this is used to demote from an MR/HR rank to an LR rank. This is typically used for users which are inactive.

  • Suspend - This will demote a user for X amount of days and then repromote them. Excellent for temporary sanctions against a user.

  • Terminate - This will demote a user from your group. This is just a 'buzzword' style of demotion, which is typically more severe than a demotion. The behaviour between a termination and a demotion is exactly the same. However, typically terminations are described as more severe than a demotion. Some groups blacklist terminated users.

Notes on saving

When you select an action for a user, it is saved as a draft and no action is taken.

In order to take an action you must click the red 'distribute' button at the top of the page.

If you would like to distribute to one user specifically, use the checkbox toggle, as seen below.

Bulk actions

Two bulk actions are available:

  • Pass

  • Ignore

This will pass or ignore all the selected users. If you do not select a user, it will do the entire roleset.

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