If you're wanting a quiz centre with Hyra then it'll be done the same way as normal with jobs and centres.

Creating the Job

You'll need to firstly create a job, go over to the job tab on the side bar and click "Start from Scratch".

From there, go through the creation and set both a name and entry requirements!

Once you've done this you should see the job on your page with no questions.

Job Settings

Before we start creating questions, go to "Requirements and Rules" and toggle Quiz Mode on and pick how many correct questions are needed to pass and click save!


If you want them to be automatically ranked if they auto pass then go over to the other tab and toggle "Rank Users on Approve". This'll only work if ranking is setup on the workspace, click here for more on ranking.


Now that we've set the jobs settings up, let's make some questions!

With quiz mode, you're locked to radio questions. To start just click the + in the bottom right corner and set the type to Radio.

Enter the question title and add as many items as you want them to be able to choose from!

Then click "Answer Key" and choose whichever question is right!

Make sure you have more or equal to the amount of correct answers required to pass.


Once you've sorted the questions out, you'll need to assign it to a centre. This is done the same way as other jobs. If you haven't created a centre, then follow this guide on how to set one up!

If you already have one set up, just head over to jobs and enable the job you've just made!

And that's how to make a Hyra quiz centre! If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to reach out to support!

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