Hyra allows to create a new job role whenever you need one, it's such an easy process to create and getting the application open for that specific job role very quickly.

To get started, you need to head over the jobs section within your centre, you will then click start from scratch to create your new job.

You then can customise your job to suit your needs, please follow the following steps;

- Enter the name and description of your job this will show up within your centre

- You then select an entry type, this can be a group member so anyone within your group or a minimum group role so only people above a certain rank can apply;

- You can then select re-apply rules for example when someone applies if they can apply straight again or after the current application is accepted or declined;

- You can then select who can read these applications by selecting an individual or a certain role;

Now that your job is created you'll need to attach it to a centre!

If you head over to the Admin tab and at the very top you will be able to see all your centres if you click settings on whatever one you would like to add the job too a range of options will come up.

Head over to the Job Section and tick the correct jobs you'd like to be seen in that centre.

This role will then appear in your centre as it would have automatically updated.

If you have any other struggles please don't be afraid to contact our support team.

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