The logbook is a powerful tool to keep track of previous actions taken with specific staff members. The logbook is located within a staff member's profile and will show as a tab under their header. Think of the logbook as a running log of a staff member's history in your group. There are many uses for the logbook which are both automated and manual.

Distribution Logging

To start, the logbook will document every time you carry out a distribution on a staff member and what action you took. For example, when you carry out a distribution and mark someone as "Pass", this will show in their logbook. The logbook is a permanent history of actions taken and therefore can not be deleted by anyone.

The logbook will also documents any warnings, suspensions, or demotions that may occur within a distribution to allow to tracking of staff issues over time. Note that a Staff Manager can reset someone's warnings or suspension count at anytime. This does not delete the history of the action taken however.


If there is something else you want to add about a staff member to their logbook, you can do that as well! You can add anything manually such as if you reminded a staff member for a rule violation without warning them. This is also useful if there is something you want to note about a staff member that isn't an option to change within their profile.


Another feature of the logbook is the ability to make actions such as promotions, warnings, or terminations without requiring a distribution to occur. When you make a manual addition to a staff member's logbook you have the option of adding an action that will occur along with the log. This action will occur automatically as long as you have ranking set up within your group.

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