You can add your team to Hyra in just a few clicks. This allows them to:

  • See their activity

  • Take out inactive notices

  • See updates across the team in the feed

This allows you to not only improve the retention of your team by improving transparency but also keeps your teammates at the centre, making them feel in control.

Teams which have their MR+ on their workspace see 56% more activity across their staff team.

Adding people to your workspace

It's really easy to add people onto your workspace. Typically we do this for you every 2 hours automatically, but you can always do this manually on the Admin.

Step 1: Select your workspace

Head over to the Workspace selection page and find your workspace.

Step 2: Select Admin

Select admin on the side menu.

🚨 Can't see the Admin button?

This means you aren't an admin on this workspace. Only Admins on the workspace can access the workspace admin.

Step 3: Find Members in the 'General' category of the Admin.

Pop it open.

This popup is split into 3 roles:

  • Admin - Admins have full access to the the workspace. Only the Workspace owner can add Admins to the workspace. This is a dangerous permission to grant.

  • Staff Managers - Staff Managers have the ability to access the Staff Management pages. This allows them to take actions on your staff - we'd advise giving this to your High Ranks.

  • Members - These are your standard users with access to the feed, their activity and any jobs they are added onto as a Reviewer or Reader.

How do I remove someone?

To remove a user from your workspace, simply click the X button next to their account in the Members section of the Workspace Admin.

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