Group Admin is yet another one of Hyra's amazing features that can help benefit your group in many ways. Hyra Group Admin is very feature useful and perfect for all different purposes. Whether that's trainings, interviews, or general ranking, it can for sure benefit your group.

Setting up Hyra Group Admin

Setting up Hyra group admin is incredibly easy and is made to work in just a few simple steps! But first, you are going to need to ensure that Hyra Ranking is enabled and setup. You can do this from group admin by following the guide located here!

Now moving on to setting up Hyra Group Admin. The first step to setting up Hyra group admin will be heading over to group admin and enabling "Hyra Group Admin" as shown below!

Once you've enabled group admin, then you want to be sure to setup what ranks can rank up to what role! You can do this by going through each one and selecting a group role to pick what the highest rank you can rank to could be!

Once you've setup the group roles, just click save and you'll be ready to go! Then users should have access to both group admin sections! Now your Hyra Group Admin should be good to go!

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