What is it?

The Hyra Activity Tracking system allows you to track how long your staff team are in-game for. You simply tell us which rank and above in which group id you want tracked, put a script we give you into the games you want tracked, and boom! Just like that Hyra Activity Tracking is tracking your minutes.

Members of the workspace who are having their minutes tracked can see their activity in the Activity tab on that workspace. They also can also see any friends they met in the game along with how many chat messages they sent!

We also display the type of game played along with the time of day. It's displayed like below.

How does it benefit me?

Hyra's Activity Tracking system allows you to make sure your MRs aren't slacking whilst also being able to see who's active enough for a promotion.

Our minutes system integrates with our Distribution system allowing you to see a staff members minutes next to their name before passing or taking other action on them.

You can also see who's in game along with the staff members who've clocked the most minutes since the last distribution!

How can I get started?

Get started today by heading to the admin panel on your workspace, clicking on the activity tracking tab, open group requirements and set the group ID and the lowest rank you want tracked.

From here, open download loader. Click Download and then open the RBLX file. Then, drag the script from ServerScriptService into your games ServerScriptService, make sure HTTP requests are on and then it should start working!

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