We're constantly taking on new groups that are discovering the power of Hyra. Our toolset is incredibly useful at enterprise scale, as it ensures no staff are left behind.

To keep Hyra secure and to improve our user experience, we cap new Workspace creation at 300 members by default.

If you'd like to create a larger workspace this is a quick runthrough on the process.

To begin creating your larger Workspace, you'll need to reach out to us via the chat. 💬

We'll qualify your group for a larger workspace by asking a few questions. All workspaces above 300 members need to go through this process to prevent abuse.

In some cases we're unable to create larger workspaces. This can be because:

  • You are trying to add users which are not MR+ rank in your group

  • Your group's Discord server is too small

  • Your use case for Hyra isn't efficient to have such a larger workspace

This isn't a comprehensive list, and we will provide a comprehensive follow-up if you are declined.

We cap free tier workspaces at 500 members. You cannot exceed this limitation without boosting the limit on your Workspace. As of right now the current boosting rate is $1.00 USD per 500 additional workspace members.

Please be aware that due to technical limitations Hyra is unable to support more than 4,000 workspace members, and if this limit is reached your Workspace will stop syncing.

Hyra will always try to strike to the best deal with you, so even if this would be out of your budget please do reach out to us as we commonly are able to offer customised deals.

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