Creating a workspace code for your workspace is incredibly easy and useful for groups without auto sync enabled! Follow along to learn and understand how to make a code to workspace join code for your workspace! Though keep in mind, this feature is only available for groups without auto sync enabled! 👍

Creating a join code

Getting started with creating a join code, ensure auto sync is disabled on your workspace by heading over to "Admin" to "Group" to "Group"!

From there, you'll be able to head over to the "General" tab and under "Your Workspace" see a new join code section! Go ahead and click the refresh button all the way to the right on the section!

Now you should be able to see a new code! Share that code with anyone who you'd like to be able to use it to join your workspace! And in the event you ever need to refresh it and get a new code, just click the refresh button like before!

And that's how to setup and enable joining by code!

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