Setting up a ranking account on Hyra is an essential part of running your Hyra efficiently and effectively. To authenticate your ranking account, we use a browser technology called cookies to authenticate requests with Roblox.

This only takes a few minutes to set up and if done correctly will only need to be set up once.

Set up video


  1. Launch Chrome on your Mac

  2. Open an Incognito Window by pressing Cmd + Shift + N or by clicking the and then selecting New Incognito Window

  3. Navigate to

  4. Log in or sign up

  5. Open the Inspector by right clicking the page and clicking Inspect

  6. Switch the tab to Application in the Inspector

  7. Navigate to the Cookies section and find the Roblox cookies

  8. Find the .ROBLOSECURITY cookie

  9. Copy its value including the warning into Hyra

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