Hyra's group admin brings along a very familiar interface to the Roblox group admin. So your team will feel right at home using our admin.

The two admins are both easy to navigate and share many of the same features. Hyra's group admin has been refined to improve security and logging which is essential to operating a good group.

Better permissions

Hyra's group admin allows for granular control over exactly which rank can rank to what. Great for MRs who you don't want to give permission to promote into the MR ranks.

Our clean and easy visual interface makes setting up these permissions quick and easy, just select the maximum ranking ability for each role and you're set.

Better Audit Logging

Hyra's Audit Logging has been rethought from the ground up to allow for search. Here's a scenario:

Have you ever wanted to find out who promoted a user in your group? You'd have to sift through pages and pages of audits to find out who it was, or keep your own log.

With Hyra's group admin, you no longer have to do this, as our audit logging becomes the singular source of truth. Just change the Search for to User in the Audit Logs and you can now see exactly who promoted someone - extra useful!

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